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Second Story Home Additions

If you’re looking to expand your living space, then a home extension is a logical choice. Traditionally, these are built at ground level and extend onto the front, rear or side of your property. These extensions are limited however by the grounds of your property. If you are looking to create a larger amount of space you may want to consider adding a second level onto the top of your house.

Why Expand Upwards?

Many homeowners will build vertically out of necessity.  Perhaps you’ve already expanded the rear of your property and you don’t want to lose any more of your garden. Second level home additions allow you to achieve a large amount of space on top of what you have, while leaving the remainder of your property relatively untouched.

Expanding upwards is only an option for some properties as there are regulations to control the height of your home. If your extension would leave your home towering above neighbouring properties, for example,  it wouldn’t be likely for you to get planning permission.  Second level home additions tend to be reserved for buildings like bungalows but when you get in contact with you we will discuss the best options for creating the space you need.

How Do We Work?


When you call us we’ll arrange a consultation so we can discuss your ideas. At this stage we’ll look at your building design and work out whether this home addition will be a possibility or whether another type of extension could create the desired outcome.  If a second level is possible we will draw some sketches to show you how it may look and how it may work.

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We will then need to survey the parameter of the building and conduct a site investigation. If all his well and good after that we will start creating some detailed designs so you can picture how your property will look. We will iron out all those finer details here, making sure the floor plans are right and discussing how we can construct the second level so it fits in with the existing building work. Constructing a second level is not as simple as building on top we need to ensure the new bricks matches and blends in with your current property design

The Process

If you lead a busy lifestyle, then you needn’t worry about devoting much of your time to overseeing the project.  You can be as involved or detached from the process as you’d like to be; we’ll take care of everything on your behalf.  If you have any specific ideas of what you’d like achieved, then share them with us, and we’ll turn them into a reality.  If you’d prefer to allow us to get on with it, then we’ll do exactly that. One of the great things about our intricate design service is you will see what your property will essentially look like before the work has been done, so once you’re happy with the designs you can sit back while our skilled construction team do the rest.


Why choose us?

Our projects invariably arrive on-time and on-budget, and they’re executed to the highest possible standard.  We have complete knowledge of the industry and our team of highly skilled professionals have a wealth of experience having completed a wide variety of construction projects.

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