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House Extensions

If you’re looking to expand your living space a little, then a house extension might be called for.  Whether you’re looking to expand the width of your home, adding a few extra dimensions to several rooms – perhaps creating that larger kitchen you’d dreamed of, or you’re looking to add several extra rooms to your property to accommodate for a broader range of developing needs, a house extension can help you achieve the extra space you desire.

House extensions are the most straightforward means of adding space and value to a property:  if there’s room available then why not expand into it and secure yourself a little extra living space?

Rear of Property Extension

Types of home extension

Front of House Extension

A front of house extension involves building on the front of your property. This is less common and will depend on neighbouring properties and how much space you have on the front. Usually front of house extensions are limited in the size of the development due to lack of space.

Additional Storey

We can build on top of your home to create a second level addition. There can be a building limit to prevent towering over neighbouring properties but this may be particularly advisable for bungalows.

Rear of Property Extension

Rear house extensions are more common as they involve expanding outwards onto your garden space.

Side of House Extension

If you live in a detached property with a wide surround you might contemplate a side of house extension. This may be preferable if you don’t want to lose any of your garden space and you don’t have enough space at the front of your property.

Basement Conversions

Basement conversions often involve us digging out underneath your property to create additional space. This usually involves less disruption to the property when the work is ongoing.

Over Structure Extension

We can also build over existing structures to create additional space. An over the garage build is a common example of this type of extension.

Additional Storey

What Can You Expect From Your New House Extension?

We will discuss your needs at the earliest stage so we can advise on a type of extension that will create the additional space you require.

We will then create a variety of intricate plans to ensure you’re happy with the spatial provisions. How you choose to use that space when the extension is complete is completely up to you. Normally our customers come to us with an idea already in mind and we plan the extension around that vision.

When it comes to home extensions, the possibilities are endless – and with the help of our team of architects, we’ll help you to realise even your wildest ambitions!

Does a House Extension Require Planning Permission?

While many home extensions are considered ‘permitted developments’ which don’t require planning permission, there are several exceptions, which your plans might impinge upon.  Your plans will also need to satisfy building regulations covering new doors and windows, drainage, electronics and roofs, to name but a few elements.

Fortunately, these potential problems aren’t something our customers spend much time worrying about.  We’ve got the knowledge and experience necessary to spot potential problems well in advance, and we’ll be able to generate all of the plans and paperwork that come with submitting an application.  You’ll therefore be able to devote your attention to the more practical side of the project.

Does an Extension Make Financial Sense?

Expanding your existing property is reliably an effective way of adding value – often considerably more so than selling and buying an entirely new house.  A home extension almost always yields a considerable return on the existing development. Choose us to oversee your extension, and you’ll give it the best possible chance of success.  If you’re considering an extension, however concrete or vague your ideas might be, then be sure to discuss it with us!

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Why Choose Berkeley Build?

At Berkeley Build we are known for our excellent project management skills and complete services so you can rest assured we will be able to deliver the results you’re looking for – and we’ll do it:

On Time

With a High Standard of Workmanship

On Budget

Whether you have just the vaguest inkling of what you’d like your extension to look like, or you have an exact plan that just requires the attention of a few expert pairs of eyes, we’ll be able to bring your vision to life.

Planning your extension will be an iterative process; we’ll tweak the design at several stages before the first brick is placed, and thereby ensure that the end result will be everything you’d hope it might be.  Following that, we’ll able to assume total control over the project, ensuring that it proceeds according to the agreed-upon schedule without you needing to involve yourself.

If you’re planning an extension, then you’ll want everything to come off without a hitch.  Entrust us with every stage of planning, and your project will stand a far better chance of being completed on-time and on-schedule.

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