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Basement Design & Planning

Berkeley Build specialise in basement design and planning. We have leading architects who have thorough knowledge of the different types of basement conversions and the permissions needed. When you contact us we will discuss your needs and we will make recommendations based on your property type and the authorities requirements.

Basement Planning

Basement design is not simply about creating stunning layouts for your home. As you can see from our pictures, we will of course finish your basement to the highest standard and create stunning bespoke designs that will transform your property, but aside from that we will also consider the logistics. We understand timeframes, we have thorough knowledge of local authorities and the different requirements for planning permission, and we know you want minimal disruption. One key factor that London councils care about is the effect of the works on neighbouring properties. We will take everything into consideration, so you still get exactly what you want, but we make sure the project gets the all important approval to go ahead.

We can handle the planning application on your behalf also. Our architects can draw up the intricate designs to aid your planning application, and use their specialist knowledge to answer all their questions about structural stability and ground flow. Basement design is more complicated than a standard conversion especially when projects require tanking and excavation work. Our architects will create the engineering plans and calculations needed for a successful conversion.

Basement Design

It’s important to consider how you plan to use the space when designing your basement conversion. We take great pride in delivering property transformations you love, but the success of our project lies within the high quality designs our architects create. They listen to your needs and tailor make bespoke layouts to suit you and your family. Whether you want to create a spacious cinema room for the family to enjoy, a modern fully equipped gym, an indoor swimming pool or additional bedrooms. We will go beyond planning the floor plan and we will inspire you with ideas for the finishing designs also.

How we work:

We will conduct an assessment of your property and meet you to discuss your ideas. It’s important to hear about your needs so we can adjust the designs accordingly. For example, if you wanted to create separate quarters using your new basement space, we can advise on lighting, entranceways and ventilation. Likewise, if you want to add a swimming pool inside your home, we can guide you on the work necessary and plan this in accordingly.

We will work with you to ensure your ideas become a reality. We will guide you with our designs and account for how your conversion will affect neighbouring properties. Once you’re happy with the designs we’ve created, we will handle planning permission on your behalf so everything runs smoothly and effectively.

Basement Conversion

Why Choose Us?

We have leading designers who have experience with different types of basement conversions.

Our team have full knowledge of planning permission and can handle this on your behalf.

Our project managers will communicate with you to avoid disruption.

We understand timeframes and budgets and will advise you accordingly.

We have a large portfolio of stunning basement conversions completed on a variety of London properties.

If you’re contemplating a basement project, then please CALL US ON 020 8396 6604

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