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Here at Berkeley Build we offer a complete laboratory refurbishment service. Whether you want to modernise your existing laboratory or create a completely new lab environment, we have the experience necessary to create everything you need.

When you call us we will discuss you needs and draw up a series of intricate plans to ensure we are meeting your requirements. We have the capabilities to work with you from the design stage through to the installation stage of the project so you can ensure consistency throughout. While we can work with other companies on a project, it is often preferred to have the same person work a project from start to finish to ensure no miscommunications occur and everything is delivered as requested.

We understand the different lab requirements and can cater for a variety of needs – including facilitating the renovations of:

Laboratory Types:

School Laboratories

Product Invention Labs

Medical Examination Labs

Scientific Research Labs

Film Labs

Crime Labs

Computer Labs

Laboratories in Educational Establishments

School laboratories require a unique design. Sure you need a large amount of workspace, as you would expect in a normal lab, but in a schooling environment you need to be able to cater for a set amount of people. Each person needs to be able to conduct their work in an appropriate space. These types of labs require a meticulous eye for detail and attention to the numbers.

When you contact us, we will listen to your requirements, measure up your existing space and calculate the amount of space you need in your lab. We will create intricate plans so you can make sure there is enough surface area and the correct amount of sockets so your students can excel in their projects. We will also pay close attention to safety. Working with chemicals can be dangerous and you need to ensure your laboratory environment does what is intended.

We will also consider your position within the lab. As the teacher you will need to showcase your instructions clearly and ensure attention is on you. We can create a focal point so you can communicate with as many students as required at once, improving the efficiency of your classes.

Scientific Research

Regardless of your subject, when it comes to scientific or medical research, you need the right environment to facilitate your work. Increased surface space, secure storage and extra plug sockets. You need a flexible space to accommodate for your varying demands and we can help with that. We’ve refurbished existing labs and designed bespoke labs to suit your needs. Get in touch and we can plan something around your requirements.

Science research in laboratory.
film laboratory

Film Labs

Film labs require a unique setting. Your plans will need to consider spatial awareness, your equipment requirements and specialist lighting needs. We can create the perfect environment that has all the practical requirements you need but will also encourage creativity.

Computer Labs

Computer labs differ in requirements but we will work with you to create a bespoke plan based on your needs. Perhaps you’re looking to modernise your library, to appeal to a larger audience, and are looking to create a multi-floor computer lab, or perhaps you are a company looking to create a technician lab for a smaller amount of people, so you can manage your servers on site. Whatever you need we have the experience necessary to create your desired environment, and we will do so within your time and budget constraints.

Computer room

Health & Safety

Health and safety is an important element of any building work we undertake but when it comes to laboratory design, installation and refurbishment this is a particularly important consideration. There is a larger amount of hazards to cater for when creating a laboratory. If you work with a variety of chemicals for example in a science lab, there are regulations stating how they need to be treated. We will work with you to ensure your laboratory as all the equipment needed and follows the relevant procedures. If you work in a crime lab with sensitive information, we will work with you to create a high degree of security, ensuring nothing or no one can cause conflicts with any evidence.

Safety is a huge factor we consider with all building work but we understand the increasing needs when it comes to laboratory safety. We will plan profusely what is needed before we start any work and ensure you’re completely happy beforehand.


Why Choose Us?

Laboratory refurbishments offer a particular challenge – one which requires experience and expertise to effectively meet.  With our extensive experience of refurbishments of all kinds, including laboratory refurbishments, we’ll be able to design and implement a solution which meets the needs of your laboratory and its workers.

If you’re looked to refurbish or design a new laboratory, regardless of type, then please CALL US ON 020 8396 6604

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