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Steve Jobs happy place and source of inspiration

Successful People’s Favourite Places

The most successful leaders inspire millions of people around the world daily, but like everyone else, they have their own individual sources of inspiration. We decided to take a look at several influential people and discover whereabouts in the world are their go-to happy places. While you may be expecting extravagant and expensive celebrity hotspots, you might find some of the places surprise you…

The illustrations below have been designed as such to showcase their head spaces. These locations are where successful leaders have gone to clear their mind, regain calm and spur their creativity.

Steve Jobs happy place and source of inspiration

Steve Jobs - Kona Village, Hawaii

Steve Jobs loved Kona Village in Hawaii so much he had a standing retainer on one of the houses there. He would turn up at a moment notice, sometimes flying to the beloved resort from a different holiday location that just ‘wasn’t as good’. Kona Village was very much a serene retreat which provided a much-needed route of escapism from the world of tech for Steve. With no telephones or televisions, and thatched roof bungalows surrounded by clear waters and sandy beaches, it was his preferred haven.

Unfortunately, in 2011 the oceanfront resort was hit by a tsunami that forced closure on the venue. It is expected however to reopen in 2019 following a renovation. Before his death, Steve called the owner of the resort to ensure the hales he loved would be preserved in the same nature.

princess dianas happy place and source of inspiration

Princess Diana - The Sunken Garden, Kensington

The Sunken Garden is based at the Princesses former home in Kensington Palace. She would often go for jogs and stop by the garden to marvel at the flowers and scenery and talk to the gardeners about how much she loved the place. Since her death, the White Garden was opened in its place to commemorate the princess. The garden features her favourite flowers which were forget-me-nots and the white colour scheme was based on her fashion sense. The memorial garden is now open to the public and for a fee people can visit the place Diana loved and frequented.

Oprahs happy place and source of inspiration

Oprah Winfrey - Her Own Garden, California

Oprah’s favourite place in the world is her very own back garden. She believes life is full of simple, beautiful pleasures and you should take a moment to stop and appreciate them. Spending time in her own garden with her dogs is Oprah’s happy place. In a series of personal pictures on her website she marvels at the oak trees, fields of lavender, lillies and roses. She also grows her own fruit and veg in the garden and it’s the place she goes to relax and unwind.

bill gates happy place and source of inspiration

Bill Gates – Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Being a self made billionaire, as you can imagine, provides Bill Gates with plenty of opportunities for travel. While he likes spending time in Australia and has particularly enjoyed time in the Amazon in Brazil, his favourite place to spend time with his family is the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. There is a small town in particular called Skradin that he enjoys, and with a population size of less than 4,000 people it gives him the chance to enjoy a quieter life. For Bill, Croatia in his chosen place of escapism.

Obamas happy place and source of inspiration

Barack Obama - Kailua Bay, Oahu Island, Hawaii

Barack Obama sought inspiration from the ‘aloha spirit’ of Hawaii. He was convinced it was what America needed during his presidency. The Oahu Island held a place dear to Obama’s heart. Not only was he born there, he spent most of his childhood living there also. His family frequent Kailua Bay for their holidays and it’s certainly Barack’s happy place. Michelle, his wife, commented “You can’t really understand Barack until you understand Hawaii.”

carrie fishers happy place and source of inspiration

Carrie Fisher - The Central School of Speech and Drama in Swiss Cottage, and parts of Kensington

London was Carrie Fisher’s favourite place to visit. She loved the history, architecture, antique markets but most of all her friends were mainly situated there, making the place more special to her. The origins of her love for the UK city stem from when she went to drama school there at The Central School of Speech and Drama in Swiss Cottage, but she said it was one of the places whenever she visited she just felt at home.

david bowies happy place and source of inspiration

David Bowie - Washington Square Park, NY

Washington Square Park in New York City was David Bowie’s source of inspiration. He loved New York anyway, choosing it as his homeplace, but the park in particular was his happy place. He enjoyed that people from all backgrounds would mix together in this setting; for him that made it special. He felt people could be themselves there. The park is also located on the edge of Greenwich Village where his first US number one, Fame, was recorded.

Sources of inspiration can come in many forms but for world leaders, celebrities and some of the greatest minds, often this means finding a place of serenity. When you’re well known having a place to escape can help clear the mind and if you find the right location, can also spur creativity. Sometimes this means visiting a secluded place with few people, sometimes it means visiting a place that feels like home and sometimes it means going somewhere away from everything your job entails and taking a break from technology. Wherever that place is however, your happy place can reset the mind and prepare you for the next challenge.