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Protecting Your House Home Alone Style Featured Image

Protecting Your House – Home Alone Style

Going away for Christmas should be an exciting time for you and the family, but thanks to the public adopting Home Alone as one of their favourite and most viewed Christmas films, burglars now have their heads full of ideas on how to break into your home. Thanks to Home Alone, Christmas is their peak season so if you want to protect your home this festive period, you’re going to need to get a little creative also. Think like the crafty scoundrels and use our infographic to find the most forceful way to keep out intruders. Our personal favourite is a swinging hot iron, used to leave an imprint so the police can find them more easily.


Home Alone House Infographic

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Covering your entrances

As you can see from our image, we’ve found the Home Alone blueprint for the real house so we can check how Kevin covered his entrances. We’d recommend you do the same. Map out your home and leave no window or door uncovered.

Surprise, surprise

Our next tip is to make sure each entrance has a different detraction. Kevin used a gun through the catflap, ice on the steps, hot door handle, tar on the steps, and glass Christmas ornaments by the window. Each security measure is designed to inflict a different type of pain, so as burglars think they’ve wised up to your battleplan, you throw in a few surprises when they least expect it.

Don’t just cover your main windows and doors either, think about staircases and balconies. Kevin dangled paint cans from the bannister so he could hit any visitors as they dared to approach. He also put a fan that blew feathers into their faces, covered them in clingfilm and put toy cars on the floor – because we all know the pain of standing on children’s toys.

Add lots of traps in places burglars wouldn’t think about and keep them on their toes. Obstacles in hallways and by staircases also reinforce your safety measures in case they manage to break through some of your barriers.

Think about the damage

You probably shouldn’t kill any intruders with your traps but take the example of Dobby from Harry Potter and try to simply maim or harm instead. Kevin knew exactly what damage to cause. Burnt hand and scalp, burnt face, cut feet and a degree of concussion. No real lasting effects but a lot of pain.

This Christmas, if you’re going away, follow suit and design your battleplan. If you want to keep out those pests, you need to do a bit more than a security camera and a burglar alarm. We’ve mapped out in detail Kevin’s battleplan to showcase you what works and how he covered his boundaries. Think like the pro and this year protect your home – Home Alone style.

*Please note this article is a bit of festive fun and we do not endorse or encourage the use of violence. Kevin, however, well we can see exactly what Kevin suggests…