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Author: Chelsea Potter

Everyday in the news we read more and more about the world’s recycling problem. After the recent decision from China, the largest importer of recyclable materials, to ban foreign waste, the West are faced with the difficulty of recycling themselves. This is on top of the current struggles to get people to recycle, which is proving enough of a challenge anyway. Currently, there’s a war on plastic straws, in particular, happening. Environmentalists have recently won the Queen’s vote to get rid of them completely, after she dismissed them from the royal properties. But you know all this already, you’ve seen the headlines. What you perhaps don’t know, or struggle to visualise, is just how much an issue the population’s waste actually is, and this is where we come into things. We thought it would make quite a statement if we reconstructed iconic cityscapes, or landmarks, of the biggest nations using recyclable material. Recycling is an issue we need to face and when you see iconic landmarks ruined by uncontrollable waste, it certainly makes you think about the current climate.